• What we do


    Love letter, hot dates

    Document the sounds of the present and the future, amplifying and enhancing music, whether it's a studio album (love letter) or a gig (hot date)...


    Taking music by strategy

    Strategies to find beauty, inspiration... and audience

  • Artists

    Making music happen

    Italian musician/songwriter

    He likes to say: "I don’t play music – I make it happen.”

    Sex and funk

    Sounds from people, reaching orgasms

  • Small Music From Broken Windows

    The Things - Official Video


    Produced by Marco Machera


    Tweaking, mixing and mastering by Francesco Zampi and Marco Machera

    Artwork design by Maurizio Di Feo and Marco Lafirenza


    Executive producer: Claudio Scortichini

    All music and lyrics written by Marco Machera


    Recorded at The Bunker Home Studio in Latina, Italy, between 2013 and 2017. Additional

    recordings took place in studios across Italy, USA and Finland


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    (Marco Machera)